Queercon 15 Announcement

Over the past 15 years, Queercon has grown from a social group to a complete con-within-a-con.  For those who have attended the past few years, you may have noticed that we have seen an amazing increase in attendance year-over-year.


Summary of changes for Queercon 15 (the TL;DR):

  • Queercon will have two different types of Badges this year: Our usual (and fantastic) Electronic Badge, as well as a Non-Electronic Badge.

  • A Queercon Badge (Electronic or Non) will be required for attendance to many of our evening events.

  • In continuing tradition, a portion of the limited-edition Queercon Electronic Badges will be available for reservation by a one-time donation in the upcoming weeks.

  • We are also making Non-Electronic Badges available by donation this year.

  • There will NOT be any method to reserve, or donate for, Electronic Badges onsite in Las Vegas. However, Non-Electronic Badges will be available for donation onsite.


All the details:

With all of this growth and the anticipated increase for Queercon 15, we are approaching a few things differently this year. These changes are being made in an effort to improve the overall experience for the Queercon community, as well as to address some challenges in managing the growing conference.


Queercon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We operate on sponsorships from companies that support the LGBTQ community, as well as individual donations from our members.  We welcome and appreciate your donations, and extend our genuine thanks to those who contribute. However, an annual donation alone does not guarantee a Queercon Electronic Badge.  Electronic Badges for Queercon have always been, and will continue to be, available via a separate Badge-specific donation.


Relatedly, last year we found many of our evening events overrun by non-Queercon attendees, including a few random hotel guests, and yes, even a mariachi band.  This put a huge strain on our limited resources, while also creating security and overcrowding issues. In order to continue supporting our mission to keep Queercon as free and open as possible to the community, while also addressing the issues that arise with growing participation, beginning this year with Queercon 15 the following events will now require a Queercon Badge to attend:


  • Wednesday Evening Badge Collection Party

  • Thursday Evening Kickoff Party

  • Saturday Night Karaoke

  • Saturday Night Club Queercon


Our daily mixers, daytime events through the week, and epic Pool Party will continue to be open to all DEF CON attendees, and Queercon badges are not required to attend.


As always, Queercon will be producing our own limited-edition Electronic Badge.  A limited number of these will be available for reservation by one-time donation in the upcoming weeks. We will continue our practice of distributing the the remaining portion of the Electronic Badges for free onsite in Las Vegas. The Badges that are set aside for ‘free’ distribution are given out throughout the conference to individuals that participate in our events, and are NOT available for donation onsite. If you want to guarantee that you get an Electronic Badge, make sure that you reserve one as soon as the Badge reservation page goes live!


This year, we will also offer a Non-Electronic Badge. If you have donated more than $250 in the past 12 months, you will receive a free Non-Electronic Badge, which will be your entry into the events detailed above.  Non-Electronic Badges will also be available onsite for donation. In addition to this, opportunities to earn a Non-Electronic Badge will be available throughout the conference, through engagement in community activities.


All users who have donated throughout the year will also be offered early access to Badge reservations (for Electronic and Non-Electronic Badges).


Badge reservations will open within the next few weeks.

  • A limited amount of Electronic Badges will be available for reservation, and once that allotment is claimed, no additional Electronic Badges will be available for reservation online or onsite. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

  • Non-Electronic Badges will also be available for reservation up until Friday, August 3rd. Unlike the Electronic Badges, these WILL be available for donation onsite in Las Vegas, as well.

We will send out details on the reservation process via Facebook, our app, email (to registered members), and Telegram - so make sure that you are active in at least one of these communication forums!


Lastly, Queercon has updated its Code of Conduct, to better reflect the values of the community, and to ensure that all attendees have a positive, outstanding experience. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it here: https://queercon.org/about-us/code-conduct/.


We understand that these changes are different from past Queercon events, and expect that there will be a few quirks, as we put these into place.  We appreciate your patience, understanding, and your continued support in helping us create an amazing experience for everyone.


Looking forward to seeing everyone this year in Vegas!