How to start a local Queercon Group

We are starting up local Queercon Groups all over the world.  Check our listings to see if we have one near you.

Don't see one near by? Want to start you own Queercon Group, here what it takes:

1) You must live in the area you are wanting to start the group in.

2) You should know at least 5-10 LGTQ technology professionals.

While Queercon is rooted in the hacker space, our membership crosses all areas of the Information Technology field.  

3) Know a co-founder for your local group

While we are sure you can do it alone, it always helps to have a co-founder to help you in the event something comes up.

4) You should be ready, willing and able to put in around 5 hours a month to keep the local group active.

This includes finding venues for meetups
Working with our partners on hosting events, talks, presentations, mixers, happy hours, game nights, ect.
Doing outreach to the LGBT community
Promoting the Queercon message

5) You and your co-founder will need to be able to join a monthly conference call with other local chapter leaders to discuss events

6) Have fun and enjoy meeting a great group of people!

Think you have what it takes to start up a local group.  Contact [email protected] to get started.