FRIDAY - 8/9


Creating Trans-Inclusive Workspaces: Healthcare & Policies

10:00 – 11:00
speaker: Marie Fromm

I'll discuss creating Trans-Inclusive workplaces, including various policies, metrics, and details on common healthcare challenges for Trans employees, and strategies to fix employer health plans to make them Trans-Inclusive.

Selling Businesses as a Transgendered Woman

11:00 – 12:00
speaker: Alissa Knight

I will present on my success as a Transgendered CEO, having started and sold two prior companies and built an MSSP that extends from the US to Mexico, and from Germany to the U.K. I will talk about my challenges as a Trans-CEO, and my life as I moved from hacker to CEO to venture capitalist to full-time published author/writer.

♥ QC 16 Badge Talk

12:00 - 13:30
speakers: Evan, George, Subterfuge

Once again the unicorns and rainbows aligned, and Queercon produced yet another amazing electronic badge. Come meet the outstanding design team that pulled together this year’s badge. Maybe score one for yourself! Also, learn how to secure a Queercon 17 badge for next year.

Changing Pathways: Building More Equitable Societies Through Solidarity and Dialogue

14:00 – 15:00
speaker: Maxine Filcher

This talk will focus on brief insights framed by my own personal journey into tech via near-deadly encounters as a sex worker, and will highlight the importance of taking charge in building a community within which binary and non-binary trans folk are not only accepted, but held in high regard. This includes taking care of ourselves as trans and gender-fluid individuals, but also in sharing our stories and passions with the greater InfoSec world. I’ll cover approaches to speaking with conference audiences, effective ways of holding fellow community members accountable, along with the necessity for intersectional equality and justice between race, gender, and other identifiers. I will also discuss strategies for introducing trans people to cyber, and how to support them once they’ve arrived. Unity and solidarity should be our collective goal because if we don’t maintain the work done to create a welcoming community within cybersecurity, we may lose what little shelter we have left.

Furries & Kinksters Meetup (18+)

14:00 - 15:00
DEFCON Furs lounge, alexis park, zeus a

DEFCON Furs is a group of members of the furry fandom and their friends, that organizes events and parties at DEFCON for the infosec community. We are a puppy, kinky, alternative, and queer-friendly group that hosts a safe space where the community can meet up and share adult interests.

Women of Queercon

15:00 - 16:00

Whether trans, lesbian, bi, queer, or ally - all women are important and welcomed at Queercon. Join us for the Women of Queercon meetup.


16:00 - 18:00
sponsored by: Dropbox

Bring your QC 10 - QC 15 badges as your plus-one (or plus-five!)! Friday’s mixer will also be home to our first ever Retro Badge Meetup! Bring all your “old friends” and make some new ones in our mingle space.


20:00 - 02:00
alexis park, main pool
sponsored by: Bugcrowd

Break out your speedo and get your unicorns ready. Come join us for our epic pool party at the Alexis Park. Once again the amazing Queercon DJ’s will be keeping us going as we celebrate in the way that Queercon knows best: a massive pool party. 21+ and ID is required. No outside food, beverages, or medications (or “medications”), usual poolside rules apply. Featuring: Shahbbles, Skittish & Bus, and Bret Law