DECEPTICONv2: OSINT Adviceto Derail the Haters & Stalkers

12:00 – 13:00
speaker: Joe Gray

When we think of the process for attacking an organization, OSINT is often front and center in our minds. This presentation focuses on applying OSINT to effective penetration testing and social engineering, and reverse engineers the process to determine what steps can be taken to further complicate their efforts. This talk will cover online deception, decoy accounts, canary data, encryption, maintaining one’s social media in a secure manner, and protecting one’s identity as much as possible, to make it harder for attackers to collect accurate OSINT, either by removal or deception.

Mile-wide Gaps in AI Security Engineering: The coming reckoning, and what to do about it

13:00 - 14:00
speaker: Raul Rojas

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are just starting to deal with 1990’s-era security issues we consider basic today, and these technologies introduce new pivots to those security threats that can have far greater impact than traditional software vulnerabilities. These threats range from the mundane – bot trolling and poisoning a competitor’s models – to the extreme – hiding terrorist content online and forcing self-driving cars to ignore stop signs. Future success in AI and ML depends on our ability to meet these challenges as an industry. This session will help you understand specific AI/ML security challenges and mitigations, with no expertise required. We’ll begin with a quick introduction to the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence, then using real-life examples and demos explain these new security risks and the next steps required to defend against them. In closing we will discuss how Microsoft is leveraging its experience with Tay, Zo, and the Security Development Lifecycle to address these issues through new engineering investments, security guidance/automation, and customer engagement.

Bears of Queercon Meetup

14:00 - 15:00

They’re furry, they’re friendly, and they give the best hugs! Come hang out with the bear crew within Queercon. Don’t worry, these bears aren’t dangerous and won’t bite - without permission first.

QC Locals Meetup

15:00 – 16:00

Ever since Queercon launched our QC Locals groups in 2017, our Locals have been meeting-up all around the country. Have you attended a local meetup, yet? Come meet up with all of the other QC Local groups. Looking to start a QC Local chapter in your area? Come get all the info on how to grow Queercon into your area.


16:00 - 18:00
sponsored by: Dropbox

Swing over to the mingle space for the afternoon Queercon Mixer. Catch up with friends, grab a drink from the bar and meet new people. Also, a great chance to find a date for the Rainbow Disco!


20:00 - 02:00

Get your groove on as Queercon transforms the mingle space into a huge dance party that goes all night long.


20:00 - 02:00
alexis park, pegasus showroom

Want to take a break from the Rainbow Disco? Feel like stretching those vocal cords? Stop into the Pegasus Showroom, just off the Alexis Park lobby for a little Queer-e-oke!